Today's leaders are challenged by a workplace blended with five-generations of people.  Retirement plans delayed for many over 60, they find themselves managing or working alongside colleagues born in the 21st century.  This places increased responsibility on leaders including challenges in attracting, retaining, and understanding people whose life and work experiences are likely at opposite ends of the spectrum.  

With 30+ years of experience in human relations, counseling, education, and training/coaching, and extensive experience guiding and understanding Millennials, the Reach team is prepared to design a variety of workforce development programs to lead your team to success including:

- Team Building

The most successful teams are personally committed, work harder, are satisfied by their work, and experience less conflict.  Great teams are fundamental to successful organizations.  By using a combination of assessments, facilitated discussion and activities, Reach tailored team building workshops will assist teams in focusing on problem solving, communication, and balancing strengths of the individuals.

- Employee Engagement 

Lack of engagement can impact staff and customer retention, absenteeism, productivity, profitability, and safety records.  Increasing engagement among your people is one of the best ways we can help you address your business challenges. It makes clear business sense to give all of your employees reasons to stay engaged.  We take a collaborative approach to create a tailored strategy for success. Reach’s goal is to partner with you to assess, envision, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity and confidence, improves performance, and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions. 

- Change Management

The key to successful change is your people.  People process change in different ways ~ their preferred communication style, how they process information, what motivates and engages them when change is underway, and their response to stress are all important considerations when implementing change.   The Reach team has the tools to help everyone proactively approach and respond to changes rather than just reacting to them.

- Leadership Development

Self-aware leaders are the most effective leaders and why we start our leadership development with the Reach Assessment.  Leaders are expected to produce results, which requires an endless list of skills and qualities to achieve.  By tackling self-awareness first, Reach helps leaders see themselves more clearly ~ whether they are Reaching In, Reaching Out, Reaching Up, or Reaching Everywhere.  Once self-awareness is achieved, we can help leaders improve their understanding of others and begin effectively communicating and engaging their team ~ essential to success!

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